A Gold Faux Leather Dress

Gold faux leather dress

Elodie shirt, Faux leather dress (thrifted), Madewell shoes, Madewell bag, J.Crew earrings (old)

My dad has always loved thrift shopping at places like Savers, Plato’s Closet, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and smaller antique stores in town. He has a knack for snagging brand new pieces (often designer) at the lowest prices that most others wouldn’t find. Whenever he’d stop at Plato’s Closet in Waco, my mom and I would wait in the car—uninterested in browsing racks for an hour. However, I’ve recently fallen in love with buying clothes and accessories secondhand with my first thrifting adventure occurring when we last went to Texas in March (here’s my posts about day one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven) and I collected a list of vintage stores to try mostly in Austin (GAG). Unfortunately for me since I’ll never return to that g*dawful city ever again, I found so many amazing thrift stores boasting all sorts of styles. One of my favorite places we stopped at was Buffalo Exchange, which I know is a chain of stores. The one we went to was right next door to several other vintage stores I’d wanted to see and luckily for me, I found this gold faux leather dress in my first rack! The dress was brand new without any signs of wear or damage and I thought it would be perfect to layer over and under other pieces. I’ve already worn it several times and this outfit featured above is one of my favorites so far. I styled the faux leather dress over a sky blue lettuce-edge t-shirt and some of my most loved Madewell cognac shoes and bag. I finished the look with my everyday jewelry items and these old royal blue J.Crew pom pom earrings. I thought that the warm tones of the faux leather dress and Madewell pieces contrasted so beautifully with the cool blues for a summer look. I never thought I’d find a steal like this dress for under $15, so I have my dad’s lifelong love of secondhand stores to thank for my now vintage obsession!