A Fragrance + A Memory

I’ve talked about the Chloe eau de Parfum ($75) multiple times before, sharing that it’s been my favorite perfume to wear. The light and floral scent is very wearable and the glass bottle with a pink ribbon is beautiful. Chloe is a very reminiscent fragrance for me as it always takes me back to my trip to Washington DC.

I had had Chloe since December of 2012, right before I left for DC in January to perform in the Presidential Inaugural Parade. Because of my new found love for the perfume, I wore it everyday to freshen my bundled up layers of clothes in the 10 degree weather. The air was always crisp and chilly, which blew the scent all around me as soon as I stepped out of the hotel. The perfume will always remind me of the Inaugural Parade and the excitement my friends and I felt as the day drew closer. Most of my friends have moved on to college and the group of companions I once held so dear to me have grown up and moved on. On days when the memories of DC are especially hard to remember, I like to spritz some Chloe on my wrists and remember the days of simple and pure bliss. Days where playing in the snow were mandatory and study hall was optional will always be constant in my memory. I’ll continue to repurchase this fragrance to remind me of happier times with great friends and memories that will last a lifetime.