A First Three Days in Waco Recap

One of my three days in Waco meals
Lo in Waco for three days

I’ve already been in Waco for the past three days and have already quickly eaten and shopped my way through some of my favorite places! I’m spending most of my time with Lo and her husband Jason who have graciously let me stay at their house for the next six days until I leave Texas again. I’ve also gotten to see Jonathan and Urn (the two main reasons I’m here at all!) twice, which has been a treat as well. The first day I landed in Texas was Saturday and Lo and I accomplished so much over those 12 hours! We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel (obviously) in DeSoto with Lo’s bff Jami and her cute little baby before driving to Waco. Once we entered my favorite little town, we celebrated with the fanciest and most decadent chocolate chip shakes from Union Hall (where I’ve sadly only been once over the past three days), which I shared in Saturday’s 5 Things post. We made a few purchases at Marshalls and Ulta and finished the first day with Whataburger and a little hang out with Jonathan and Urn! On Sunday, we woke up late and went for a lazy walk around Lo’s neighborhood with her sweet dog Lucy before going to Target for some skincare and food needs. Once we returned home, we made dinner for ourselves and Jason and watched the Grammy’s until we fell asleep. Monday allowed me to get some much needed rest in the daytime before we met Jonathan and Urn for pizza at Slow Rise— one of the few places in Waco I hadn’t eaten at school! Instead of opting for Katie’s Custard or Freddy’s, we made our own chocolate cookie shakes using the few Tiff’s Treats cookies Jason brought home and they were amazing! Thankfully, the Bachelor was on so we could eat our unhealthy desserts while watching our favorite trash tv show. I’m looking forward to the next six days of eating, hanging out with my friends, and preparing for the wedding on Saturday!