A Drive By Birthday Visit for Parker

On our drive by birthday visit

Back in May, we celebrated our best friend Mikayla’s (pictured above, obviously) birthday with an extravagant picnic at Hoʻomaluhia! The big day consisted of platters of food, desserts, limoncellos, and a CD of us singing a few of our favorite songs we recorded. Unfortunately though, because the COVID cases have spiked in the past few weeks, we were unable to do anything special for Parker’s birthday aka today. In an effort to still make a deal of his birthday, we planned a drive by visit where we could drop off the gifts, talk at a distance, and play a birthday song so he could enjoy the whole experience! Of course, our drive by birthday visit consisted of some of Parker’s favorite edible gifts just as at Mikayla’s. Brandon bought him a six pack of chantilly cupcakes, I purchased the last 12 pack of Truly Hard Seltzers—one of his favorites and now my favorite, especially the passionfruit flavor. Parker probably made the mistake of giving me one of his Truly’s at our best friend and my cousin Conor’s house a couple months ago and now I’m hooked on his supply. Mikayla picked up a few balloons and we all worked on a little comic book of homemade drawings over the past several days. I tell you, the the best gifts ever are the ones you make yourself! We (Brandon, Mikayla, Kaiʻolu, and I) each drew two pieces: one inspired by Nathan Pyle’s Strange Planet aliens in a scenario we’d either already been in or one we knew would eventually come and a Gudetama that reminded each of us of Parker himself. Those are two of his favorite animated drawings, so it was the perfect gift to deliver to him on our drive by celebratory visit. We waited outside until he figured out we were in front of his house and then he finally came out the the tune of a Happy Birthday remix. It wasn’t the perfect birthday celebration we would have loved to give Parker—the best pal—but we tried to make the drive by visit as special as possible for the best karaoke partner and cocktail maker!