A DIY Flower Wall at Home

Flower wall

Since I was lucky enough to have my own apartment in college, I’ve thrived on decorating beautiful spaces and making them mine. I loved working with my mom on picking and purchasing affordable pieces that fit my interior design style at the time and we were both devastated when I graduated and we had to leave all of my apartment pieces behind (thankfully we were able to gift everything in my apartment to one of my friends I volunteered with). I sometimes still miss my Waco home since it was the first space I curated and filled with furniture, decorations, and items I loved (here’s a full post about it with pictures when we listed it for sale). I didn’t immediately jump at the idea of decorating the apartment my partner and I first moved into together because it felt more like his space than mine. We hung pictures and shelves for photos and cards, but that was the extent of our decor. However, now that we’re in a space that feels more like ours long term, I’m slowly building our decor and homeware collection to fit my taste a little more! My home office has come together nicely (that’s for another day and another post) and this DIY flower wall is exactly what I wanted for one of our bedroom sides. I’m going to have to swap out the tape I initially used for some heavy duty glue or mounting strips, but I love this flower wall so much! Colors and florals are some of my favorite decorating focuses (you probably saw that in my former office too), so these fake flower bunches went straight into my cart. They came in 18 bunches of purple, pink, orange, blue, and yellow, and they match my bedspread perfectly. I taped them to the wall with wall-safe and packaging tape, but to make them last longer on our textured wall, I’ll have to hot glue them to thin strips of card stock and mount the card stock to the wall. Either way, I love how bright and coloful the flowers make this room and I can’t wait to add more elements soon!