A Day in the North Shore

Last week I went on a “road trip” to the North Shore with some of my friends. I don’t usually venture out to that side of the island so it was a nice change from my usual town visits. We started off at Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck and ate the popular shrimp scampi: 12 shrimp covered in butter and garlic sauce. Next to the truck was Aunty’s Fruit Stand and I picked up some sliced pineapple and mango to take to the beach with me. We went to Ali‘i Beach Park and tried to tan (and failed since it was overcast) and swim for a couple of hours. After we hung out on the sand, we explored Haleiwa town and went in a few different surf and clothing shops. To end the day, we ate Chocolate Haupia pie from Ted’s Bakery before watching a beautiful monk seal sleep at Sunset Beach. It was a wonderful and exciting day!