A Curly Double Topsy Tail Braids Tutorial

My curly double topsy tail braids

In my quest to prolong my curls in between wash days (I used to be stupid and wash them every day), I’ve been on a quest to test out different hairstyles that highlight each ringlet in a new way. I’ve been leaving my curls fully down for the first two days, clipping them half up, pulling them into a high ponytail or bun, and as of today, wearing them in double topsy tail braids. I used to style my mom’s hair in a topsy tail ponytail for work everyday, so I’m no stranger to the twisted hairstyles that look a lot fancier than they actually are. Last night when I was debating whether to continue wearing my curls in a high ponytail for another day, I decided I wanted to attempt a double braid or ponytail style that would enhance my curls instead of flattening them. I find that traditional braids almost pull my hair back too much and I’m left with thin braids and no volume. Instead, I chose to go with these double topsy tail braids because they look full and complex, but are insanely easy to achieve. I started by splitting my hair down the middle, and sectioning off one inch of hair from the front side of each part. I secured the section with a small clear elastic and pulled the elastic down a bit and formed a hole in the middle before flipping the rest of the sectioned hair through the opening. I tightened the elastic and continued by grabbing two sections from each side of the previous topsy tail and repeated the process of securing and twisting the pieces together. I created new topsy tails around the former ones all the way down my hair until I had about three inches of curls left and started pulling the twists away from the elastics to create more volume and size. Once I made the double topsy tail braids as voluminous as I wanted them, I hid most of the elastics by pinning hair around them with bobby pins.