A Cream and Gel Combination for My Curls

The perfect cream and gel combination

I haven’t gotten my hair properly cut in well over a year, so naturally, my curls have been looking and feeling lackluster. I attempted to utilize the unicorn method of cutting curly hair and had fairly decent results (a few layers and fewer dead ends), but still struggled with frizz and straightened bits. I assumed the product process I was using was no longer working, so I combined a cream and gel to smooth my texture and calm the wilder areas of my hair. Not only did I work a cream and gel mixture into my routine, but I also changed parts of my in-shower process. Instead of just smoothing conditioner over the bottom lengths of my hair, I started scrunching the product into my curls while soaking wet, to thoroughly coat each ringlet. Ensuring that I’m properly conditioning the curls is the first step in making my hair last longer without stretching out completely. I also stopped rinsing out my hair with hot water and instead opted for the ice cold variety to seal each cuticle and lock in the moisture. After I finish showering, I section my hair into four equal parts and apply about a dime size of the Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner to add even more moisture to my dry lengths. The leave-in truly tames my frizz and creates a smoother barrier, which allows the curls to form and define themselves without the need for extra product. However, the second part of my cream and gel perfect formula is my holy grail La Bella Extreme Sport Styling Gel— the strong holding product that doesn’t make my hair crunchy. Because I’ve already thoroughly conditioned and softened my hair with the leave-in conditioner, my curls are ready for the gel to hold the curls in their desired positions. Of course, I’ll continue trimming my locks every month or so and eventually get a real DevaCut again, but this cream and gel combination has helped me look presentable on a daily basis!