A Chloé Fragrance Set

Chloé Eau de Parfum was my signature scent when I was 16, so it holds priceless memories of my early high school experiences, band trip to Washington D.C. for President Obama’s inauguration (still my greatest accomplishment), time spent establishing a group of forever best friends, and boy crazy moments. Chloé was the first grown up perfume I purchased and wore religiously- a fresh and young scent that replaced all of my Chanel No. 5 sample hand-me-downs. Learning that my mom also wore Chloé when she was younger made the fragrance that much more special to me. After I used up my first bottle of the perfume, I tested out a few other scents- Kate Spade Live Colorfully, Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede, and Laline Monoi– and loved all of them. Each perfume made me feel special as I received countless compliments over how I smelled. However, none of the fragrances came close to my favorite Chloé. Three years after using up the last of my Chloé rollerball, I asked my mom to buy me the Chloé Eau de Parfum Gift Set for Christmas and I’m once again in love with this beautiful perfume. The under $100 set includes a full size of the Eau de Parfum, a 100 mL body lotion, and mini dabber for the purse, which makes it the perfect gift for any Chloé fan such as myself. I keep the baby size in my travel makeup bag, apply the lotion on my arms and legs after I shower, and spritz myself twice before I head out the door. Now I’m no longer 16 (thank the old gods and the new), but 21-year-old me still feels girly and grown up with a few extra hints of Chloé love! Thanks mom!