A Birthday for Megan

Megan's birthday

Today is my sister Megan’s *insert age here* (LOL as if I haven’t shared her age in past annual posts) birthday! Megan loves many parts of life: signing cards with her full legal name, reading novels with obscure titles, writing books with less obscure titles, vegan sushi (maybe? Just guessing with this one), reviewing spoilers before and while watching any movie or show, laughing with a distinct “HEH HEH HEH,” pastries of all types, The Real Housewives of legacy (Teresa Giudice, not our loving parents, raised us), buying Pop Corners in bulk, riding a bicycle indoors every day, telling me to stop reminiscing aloud about when we’d beat each other’s asses in the car/at home/in the pool, her soft blue indoor shorts that somehow often make their way to outdoor settings, watching Vanderpump Rules without and with me, and crepes with strawberries and whipped cream (I’m also guessing with this one). Megan hates other parts of life: cilantro, when I or anyone alive avoid(s) her murderous cat, an unfree Palestine, slow walkers (including our leisurely moving family on vacations), shopping for clothes or accessories for even one minute, when my family watches football, being Tina Belcher (it’s just who she is), writer’s block, and staying in person for an entire baseball game (I will never forget the magical night of UH baseball with two fights that we had to leave in the 4th-5th inning because Megan had to be in bed early and she didn’t want to drive on her own…memories). Because I am nothing if not a humble, altruistic sister, I recognize Megan’s birthday every year to celebrate all of the fun and hilarious and even sad memories we’ve shared in our combined 48 years of life (we could have birthed ourselves at this point). Happy birthday, buddy buddy buddy! Please celebrate your day by baking me a tray of glorious scones!


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