’90’s Inspired Wardrobe Additions

I’ve recently been inspired by clothing and accessories from the 90’s à la Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, and She’s All That. I used to despise anything ribbed or too tight/too loose, but now I’m embracing new (old) styles. I was only a small fetus in the 90’s so I didn’t have a chance to dabble in the blue eyeshadow, crop top, or tacky pattern trends. Luckily enough, Topshop houses nearly all of those “inspiring” items and I can’t wait to purchase some!

The High Rise Ripped Mom Jeans are my favorite of the bunch. Although I only own mid-rise skinny jeans, this pair instantly caught my eye and I would love to try them on. I’ll probably need a pygmy length so as to not wear denim up to my chest. This Multicolor Stripe Crochet Top is a piece I would never usually look at, but I love how the different colored stripes blend together. The combination of red, mint, and sky blue is visually appealing. The Chain Strap Bandage Body-Con Dress is mostly inspired by Cher Horowitz from Clueless and I love it! Halter ties are some of my favorite for the spring time and olive green looks good on almost everyone. The Ribbed Long Sleeve Top is the most wearable piece that I found because the color is insanely gorgeous. I used to think ribbed sweaters and tops were only for grandmas, but the cropped cut modernizes the top.