5 Things

1. I blogged about the new Kate Spade Saturday store in Ala Moana and these were my favorite tops I found in the store! They’re reversible and are the softest fabric. I love them with the sleeves rolled up, paired with jeans and heels!

2. I had to share this picture of my dog Samson. He’s the cutest dog and always looks adorable in photos!

3. Chain rings are so intricate and delicate, which I find perfect for spring and summer. Etsy has a whole bunch of handmade rings and I love this one!

4. I purchased a pair of J Brand jeans recently and I would love to buy these ASAP!

5. I can’t even talk about my new-found love for the Vampire Diaries. I watched 12 episodes in 2 days; I think I need help. I love Elena with Stephan but I have a bias toward Damon since he was in Lost! I can’t get enough of that show so thank God for Netflix!