365 Notes

Last year for Christmas, my best friend Brandon gave me an empty mason jar with polaroids of some of our best pictures taped to the inside of the bottle. After seeing many people fill jars with daily notes of fun activities and everyday events for 365 days, I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to try it too. On January 1st, I went to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas to watch the Baylor football team play against Michigan State. This was the first event I recorded and dropped in my 2015 jar of good things and continued writing one activity or a moment that I would want to remember for the rest of the year. I opened the jar tonight and started reading every note and looking at each movie ticket stub, concert ticket, hotel room key, boarding pass, and photo that I shoved in the bottle. Reading about every moment was fun and sometimes emotional and I definitely plan on recording 2016 as well!