35th Birthday Wishes for My Best Lo

35th birthday wishes for Lo

Today is my best friend/second mother Lo’s 35th birthday (will she berate me for sharing that? I do not know and I do not care) and although we are separated by many many miles, I still want to recognize how much of an impact she’s made on my life over the past six years we’ve been the best of friends. Lo, like our other bff Jonathan, was one of my bosses in Baylor Athletics, but she was far less scary to me because she’s such a bubbly and friendly person (to those who don’t know the real anger murder human hidden inside) and she instantly took the fear away from me. We became friends because I walked to work and back home nearly every single day during my sophomore year as I admired my main boss, Heath, and loved the work I was allowed to do. However, the walk took about 35-40 minutes since I lived on the opposite side of campus, so Lo started driving me home whenever she could. Those drives turned into grocery trips, lunch pickups, and work errands (like decorating the building Christmas trees!) and I’m sure the Athletics employees were confused at my constant presence. Lo, Jonathan, and I slowly became friends and our first time hanging out outside of work was dinner at the Dairy Queen by Lo’s house where we made Jonathan buy us Blizzards and we slipped on the freshly mopped floors the whole night. Over the years (and even today on her 35th), Lo became more of a bff/second mom to me who constantly took me to/picked me up from the airport (Yonny also did this so props to him); introduced me to her friends; ate countless lunches and dinners with me (specifically at Sonic and Cajun Craft); helped me recreate my resume; let me stay in her guest room (which is now my room) when I had mono, during a bad breakup, for 10 days when I visited for Yonny’s wedding, and most recently when I was in Waco last Spring; and always made sure I was and am doing okay. Lo is one of the hardest workers and best people I know and I’m lucky I get to be her far away bff! Happy 35th birthday and year of living, Lo!