25 Facts About Me – September 2017

I wrote my first post of facts no one wanted to know about me back in the fetus days of This Is Noelle aka February 2013 and damn was I a different type of kid. I was in the early stages of blogging where I only shared pictures from Google images and admired all of the British YouTubers. As my blog and I aged, my life aspirations and interests drastically changed, switching from beauty and Hillsong music to coaching football to any work in athletics or social justice. I began to update this post every year or so featured here, here and here with each post bringing me more joy than the last. It’s fun to see how I’ve grown up and what my values were along the way. I hope you enjoy reading this list and head over to the last few to see what younger Noelle was like (spoiler alert she was funny and weird and always loved homeless people)!

  1. I don’t know exactly what I want to do when I “grow up” (what even is a grown up anyway?) but I want it to be meaningful and I want to change lives.
  2. Everyone can have more than one best friend for different aspects of his/her life. Kaiʻolu listens to me and offers empathy, Brandon tells me exactly what I need to hear (even when I don’t want to hear it), Mikayla always makes me laugh and is willing to fight anyone with me and Jacob is a constant in any storm.
  3. I love Sex & the City even though Carrie always pisses me off like who chooses Big over Aiden?? Unfortunately, I would like to consider myself a Samantha but I know I’m a Carrie at heart. 
  4. Although I don’t play music as much as I used to, it’s still a dream of mine to have my own band one day.
  5. I would love to create poetry as beautiful and moving as the pieces Clint Smith, Sarah Kay and Rudy Francisco write on a daily basis.
  6. I’ve learned to not idolize any human being because they will all fail eventually (except for you uncle Bernie I love you forever).
  7. I’m a serious introvert and I could stay in my bedroom alone for days without getting bored. Naps, gyoza and any episode of New Girl are all I need to be satisfied.
  8. I have a weird habit of playing with my hair and it really annoys my family and friends!
  9. I wear all of my emotions on my face so when someone or something is bothering me, you bet your ass everyone will know.
  10. I don’t like organized religion and I think everyone should be good people who love and take care of each other without using religion to justify their actions.
  11. I used to let the outcome of Baylor football games completely dictate my mood but I’ve learned to get over losses easily. Football is wonderful but sometimes it sucks and ultimately, it’s just a game!
  12. I’m a highly sensitive person and I unintentionally let every sad event, dumbass Trump comment or action, disappointment and bad grade get me down. I cry all the time over these even if I don’t mean to!
  13. I hold forever grudges but if I love you, I go all in.
  14. My favorite playlist includes a range of genres and musicians and my favorites are Sleeping At Last, Manchester Orchestra, The National, J Boog, The Brothers Cazimero, all Broadway showtunes, old Usher and Frank Ocean.
  15. I have a horrible temper and often think I’m a 300 pound uncle who can fight anyone who pisses me off (I get that from my mom).
  16.  I’m convinced I will never like or be good at school.
  17. I have a soft spot for homeless people, prisoners and anyone in impoverished communities. If I could spend all of my time working with and helping these groups of people, I would.
  18. I used to love receiving presents for Christmas and my birthday, but now I find it more rewarding giving others gifts I know they’ll love.
  19. My family and friends are the most important aspects of my life and I don’t know how I would live without them.
  20. I would love to learn what my exact Hawaiian lineage is and if I’m related to any aliʻi (fun side story: Kaiʻolu once called me during my Journalism exam to tell me she’s a descendant of Kauikeaouli).
  21. “Snow” by Sleeping At Last will always be my favorite song of all time.
  22. I keep $40 worth of five dollar bills in my wallet at all times to give to homeless people because what can a dollar even buy nowadays?
  23. I believe all people deserve equality, health care and education no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, disability or documentation.
  24. Sometimes I wish I played a sport in high school and went all out to become the best at it. I think I could have been a decent volleyball or tennis player if I actually tried.
  25. Loving someone fully is my biggest fear but I’m trying it anyway!