24 Hours in Maui

My work event in Maui
Corned beef hash
My main stop in Maui
Minit stop chicken
Chicken and potato wedges

Since we started dating, my partner and I have been to Maui a few times and Hilo once (like when we went to visit uncle Brother last August!) for the day and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our quick, usually less than 12 hour long staycations! We’ve never stayed overnight on our inter-island adventures as the hotel rates as astronomical on Maui especially, so when my workplace sent me to the island on for a fundraiser yesterday and booked a hotel for me to stay overnight, my partner and I made a weekend out of the assignment! I was thrilled to stay in Maui for the night without having to pay my own way as my partner and I only ever flew in the morning and out at night with short naps in the car between shared meals! I flew to Kahului at 3 pm on Saturday and my super sweet coworker picked me up from the airport and took me to my hotel to change into fundraiser-appropriate attire (outfit post to come!) and drop off my weekender bag. We attended the fundraiser at the King Kamehameha Golf Club and I was lucky enough to meet and spend a handful of hours with my Maui coworkers—some of whom I’ve gotten to work closely with and others I met for the first time—which was the most fun! I’m really privileged to work with people who are extremely kind and welcoming to me on all islands. After five hours of program, eating, and talking, my partner picked me up and we slept early to prepare for the meals we’d have today! My coworker suggested we have breakfast at Tantes and it was absolutely delicious! Despite ordering fresh corned beef has with scrambled eggs and white toast and our waitress giving us over easy eggs and wheat toast, we managed to get two scrambled eggs extra for free! We also split a short stack of pancakes and both dishes were fresh, perfectly cooked, and not too sweet or salty! Unfortunately we were so full by the time we finished breakfast and lots of walking and driving between Wailuku, Kihei, and Makawao, we couldn’t get to my favorite Maui Fish’n Chips and instead finished our eating portion with Cold Stone! I know that’s not an unfortunate situation as Cold Stone is my favorite ice cream of all time, but we were far too weak to have any other follow up entree. My partner ordered the campfire classic, which had marshmallow ice cream, graham crackers, chocolate shavings, and fudge, and I opted for Reese’s ice cream with chocolate chips! We were both full and satisfied after ice cream, so we picked up two boxes of Minit Stop chicken and potato wedges—one box for us and one for my dad—and flew back home. We had a wonderful time and I’m looking forward to our next visit for more fish and chips and a hopeful trip to the goat farm!