2023 in Photos

Every January, I compile dozens of my favorite photos that encapsulate the past year and refer to the post as “*insert year here* in Photos” (here’s last year’s one!). I love the beginning of the year because I get to share my 2023 in photos and words so I remember all of my most memorable moments from the past 12 months. It’s easy to forget the best parts of the year when every month seems to blend together and these compilations are like an online photo album for me to sort through and share with ease. This 2023 in photos is similar to last year’s one as I generally spend my time doing similar activities I love like sharing meals with my family and friends; playing with my pets; watching football; etc., and this year I was extremely lucky to bring three new rescue pets into my household (four if we count our short time with rescue Lola who will be featured below)! Most of my 2023 in photos were taken on lunches and dinners with my loved ones (with most of my friendship ones occurring at Kaiʻolu’s house of course), but I also have the occasional selfie with my parents after we filmed our “watch the Baylor game with me and dad” videos every Saturday during football season (you can watch those on my TikTok)! I feel so lucky that my family and Hawaiʻi best friends here have stayed healthy and safe and I’m able to see them whenever I want, but I also miss my Texas best friends, who I was lucky enough to visit last October! Because I’ve mostly just been working and seeing my friends when I can, I initially thought I didn’t have a lot of pictures to include in this post, but holy shit was I wrong. I’ve experienced lots of life changes; recorded many accomplishments in my job; and have been overrun by my household’s eight pets (Did you hear that right? We have three dogs, three cats, two rats, and a whole bunch of snails, shrimps, and guppies!). I hope you all enjoy this unnecessarily large allotment of selfies and photos with my most loved ones (only missing Yonny but let’s pretend he’s the McLane Stadium scoreboard)!


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