2019 in Photos

Every January, I compile dozens of my favorite photos that encapsulate the past year and refer to the post as “*insert year here* in Photos” (here’s last year’s one!). This 2019 in photos is basically selfies of me and my groups of friends in different angles with snaps of my family and Reggi photos sprinkled throughout. I love the beginning of January because I usually share my 2019 in photos and words so I remember all of my most memorable moments from the past 12 months. It’s easy to forget the best parts of the year when every month seems to blend together and these compilations are like an online photo album for me to sort through and share with ease. You’ll notice that most of my 2019 in photos is different pictures of my most beloved people, which is what I’m so grateful for every year. I’ve had the same group of friends from home since elementary-high school and I added new friendships with my Baylor people from freshman year on and for those relationships, I’m immensely thankful. I’m also lucky to have my immediate family and auntys/uncles/cousins whom I dearly love and spend time with on the regular– people who are forced to love me, but also do by choice. Some of the pictured highlights of my 2019 in photos are placing second in the Beall Poetry Festival for my poem “Dear George”, going to my friend/former boss Zach’s wedding with my best friends, graduating from Baylor with all of my family present, spending time with family and my best friends at home, drunk karaoke with Parker and Conor, working at my last Baylor basketball game when the Lady Bears were #1 in the nation, marching with KaiÊ»olu in protest of TMT, watching Reggi for 11 days in February, covering high school football for the Star-Advertiser and Hawai’i Prep World, watching Manchester Orchestra in concert again, and having the best birthday party with my best friends and cousins. This 2019 in photos is just like every other annual post, but it might be my favorite one yet!