2018 in Photos

One of my favorite parts of the new year is remembering all of my favorite moments of the past 12 months through the pictures I took. Last year, although it was extremely tumultuous and often devastating, saw times of great joy with my best friends and family. Some of my main highlights of 2018 were spending time with my parents during spring break, meeting Sarah Kay, meeting Patrisse Khan-Cullors, discovering treasures in new poems, coaching football at Roosevelt, interning at the HawaiĘ»i Innocence Project, working in the summer school office at HBA, marching in the Keep Families Together protest with my mom, hanging out with my closest friends over the summer, and going to New York for Thanksgiving with Brandon and Parker. Each of these photos make me reminisce upon the most delightful days of 2018 and I hope I’ll have more snippets of joy over the next 12 months!