2017 Baylor Football Prediction

The 2017-18 Baylor football team has all of the odds stacked against them despite a successful offseason of recruiting and practices for new head coach Matt Rhule. With a brand new staff and underclassmen starters, the Bears aren’t expected tons line in the upcoming season. The Big 12 boasts 5 teams in the first AP top 25 poll including Oklahoma (7), Oklahoma State (10), Kansas State (20), West Virginia (22), and Texas (23) with Baylor obviously missing from the rankings. Although the team is returning handfuls of talent at all positions (especially my favorite Poly), the lack of depth on the O-line is what might end their season early. I try to be optimistic every year and hope for the best so this time around, I predict the Bears will go 5-7 due to their rebuilding season and win three of the five games at home. I haven’t researched their opponents enough to make a solid guess of who Baylor beats, but I’ll take a swing and say they beat Kansas, Texas, Liberty, UTSA, and Duke.