2016 in Words

Although 2016 had its fair share of low points, I experienced huge personal growths and made memories that I’ll remember forever. I hope you all enjoy this summary of my life in 2016.

I started my sophomore year at Baylor balancing 17 credits and two part-time jobs in the athletic development and athletic communications departments. While it was a daily struggle to go to class at 9 am and finish work at 5 pm, I made incredible academic strides and earned the best grades of my college career so far. I realized that having a strict schedule (go to school at 9 am, work throughout the day, finish at 5 pm, cook dinner, do homework, write blog posts, sleep, work at athletic events and games) kept me organized and diligent in my daily tasks. While it’s not ideal to study and complete homework for six classes while working two jobs and blogging on the side, I’ve had the most incredible semester of my life. However, I’m not looking forward to going back and taking six classes on MWF from 6:55 am! 🙁

Working in my school’s athletic department was the highlight of my 2016. I work for the most hard working, dedicated, fun and incredible people and I look forward to working every single day. I know that school is my main priority in this stage of my life, but working is such a rewarding experience that I will cherish forever. This year I also experienced a breakthrough in my advocacy for human rights and equality. I don’t always write about politics, but following (uncle) Bernie Sanders in his presidential campaign taught me how to be a good, honest person who fights for the rights of everyone. I was extremely disappointed that he wasn’t elected president, but Senator Sanders has reminded all of his supporters that the fight was never for him, but for us. Through my dedication to his campaign, I found a passion for equality and justice and a possible career in human rights law (while working as a football coach on the side).

This year was the first year that I published a blog post every single day. I wrote over 300 posts from 2014, but each year I missed a few. However, 2016 was the year that I stayed up until god awful hours writing football recaps, studying stats, editing outfit photos, creating playlists and sharing my everyday thoughts with you all. Although I know that my blog will never be my full-time job, I love the fact that I have a creative outlet for my football thoughts and life experiences. This website is my greatest achievement and I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to write for the past four years.