2014 Beauty Resolutions

We’re well into January by now and I’ve created lists of resolutions to try and accomplish throughout the year. Although resolutions often set one up for failure, I decided to make some beauty ones anyway!

Take care of my nails
I’ve never been a big fan of polish or nail art, but this year something is different. I’m letting my stubby nails grow out into a decent length and adding a bit of color to them. Trying my best not to bite them, I’m hoping to take better care of them with cuticle oils, base coats, and the lot.

Go au naturale on the hair spectrum
Nearly 4 years of heat damage on my locks had created crispy and damaged ends. I’ve been restraining myself from straighteners and curling irons to let my hair strengthen and patch itself up. Adding heat protectants and hair oils will plump up the strands and strengthen them from roots to ends.

Learn when to splurge
It’s always hard to determine whether to buy the $30 mascara or lip gloss, but I’m slowly learning when to spend and when to save. Because products like foundations and blushers have a longer life span, I’ll be splurging on those and saving on nails vernises and mascaras.

Mask it up
I haven’t tried many face or hair masks, but I’m definitely going to be picking some up. Hopefully I’ll find a great mask for oily, spot prone skin that will eventually provide me with the flawless skin I’ve always yearned for!

It always starts with skin
Creating a really great skincare routine that will be gentle and effective is a goal of mine. If I find the right products that will clear up the spots and suck up the oily bits, I won’t need to spend as much time (or money) on the makeup. Starting and sticking with a great skincare routine is absolutely necessary.

What are some of your beauty resolutions for 2014? How do you plan on sticking with them?