16 Beauty Products for Beginners!

There are vast amounts of makeup and skincare products, so I wanted to write a post for those that are ‘beginners’. If you’re reading this and you want to know more about what types of products to start with when you’re beginning to get into beauty, then just keep reading!


To me, skincare is the first and most important step in achieving healthy, glowing skin. Everything should be gentle and easy to use, without all of those extra bits and ingredients. Starting off with a gentle cleanser like the Bliss Fabulous Foaming face wash gets all the gritty bits shuffled off of the skin, so you’re left with a clean and smooth base. Following up, you should use a light moisturizer similar to the Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer. This one is good because it has SPF in it, which is something that you should be putting on every day.

The Base

When it comes to foundation, I’m willing to splurge. I’m not saying that beginners should only buy high end foundations, but I know that they work much better on my skin than drugstore options. This one for instance, is Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua foundation (my HG base). It’s the most easy and light foundation to wear, in my book. It’s water based, so it’s good for all skin types (I have oily skin) and it doesn’t make me look greasy throughout the day. The finish is absolutely gorgeous because it’s not too dewy or matte. There probably are some good drugstore foundation options, but to me, I would rather spend the money on a good foundation that I know will work, and then use my leftover money to buy other drugstore makeup. 


When using a light base like Chanel VA, it’s best to use thin layers and then go over any problem areas with concealer. I haven’t found my ‘Holy Grail’ concealer yet, but this one from Revlon is pretty good for covering redness and spots (as dark circles shouldn’t form under young eyes yet). It has a thicker liquid consistency and it looks nicely blended out.


I haven’t tried a good setting spray that I really like, so I usually stick to setting my base with powder. I’ve done a full review on this Covergirl one here. A powder compact is always helpful for touch ups on the go, especially for us oily skinned girls.

The Eyes

Eyeshadow palettes are always handy because they usually come with multiple colors to create different looks with. This Stila one is my absolute favorite! It comes with an eyeliner, 4 matte shadows, and 6 shimmery ones. I’ve done a full review here. Mascara is also a must for beginners because it lengthens and volumizes the lashes. I’ve recently done a review on this Revlon one!

The Cheeks + Lips

To me, lip and cheek products go hand in hand. You wouldn’t want to wear a bright bold lip with a dark blush would you? No, you wouldn’t. I think every beginner should start off their lip collection with a good lipstick and gloss. They don’t have to match, but they’re always good to slap on. This MAC one is a gorgeous everyday plum shade that’s really light and moisturizing. A review of it can be found here. A good gloss can be found at the drugstore without spending a load of cash! I love this one from Revlon because not only is the product amazing, but the packaging looks really high end! A good blush option can also be found at the drugstore. This Revlon one is my HG blusher (review found here).

The Brushes

I think brushes can ultimately make or break your beauty look. I like to buy eye/blusher/powder brushes from the drugstore, but I really spend money on my foundation brushes. All of these are really good quality despite the different price ranges. For the eyes, you really only need 3 brushes: one for all over shadow, one for blending, and one for liner. For the face, I recommend one for foundation, one for powder, and one for blush!

There you have it: my ultimate guide for beginner’s beauty products. What are some of the first makeup/skincare products you bought when you were starting out?