10 Years With My Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC

10 years ago I was obsessed with fashion and beauty YouTubers of all sorts, and I would instantly purchase any product they recommended (within a price range of course—I was only a child!) in their videos. I discovered some of my favorite pieces and products at the time through their videos (to my mother’s chagrin I’m sure)—Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, NARS Narsissist Eye Palette, IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream, and the ultimate Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC in black. I saved my birthday and Christmas money along with monies I made while working for UHA during school breaks along with the occasional generous contribution from my parents to buy the products that I couldn’t stop watching videos on and researching about—most of them usually makeup though I wouldn’t often wear them. And while I loved and utilized most of the pieces I bought off of the video recommendations, I haven’t used any as often as my beloved Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC, which I’ve officially had for 10 years! I bought the Mini MAC at Nordstrom in April 2013 for $189, which seemed like the most expensive bag in the world at the time. I gravitated toward the Mini MAC not only for its price (it was the top of the cost spectrum for me), but also for its size. I could easily fit a wallet, small notebook, sunglasses, lip products, and harmonica (all of my essentials at the time) in the purse without it stretching or bulking up, and my parents and I agreed that the textured leather was appropriate so I could easily wear it around without worrying about scratches. Over the past 10 years I’ve taken my Mini MAC to Disneyland when I was in the All-State Marching Band, to my junior prom paired with the Rebecca Taylor dress my dad and I purchased at TJ Maxx (I didn’t even know about Rebecca Taylor at the time!), to New York City during November Meal with Brandon and Parker in 2018, with the most colorful outfit last year, with an all black Valentine’s Day outfit, and styled with quite literally tens of thousands of outfits in between! I take this purse with me on all vacations and have worn it during many major holidays and events. The leather is still impeccable and unscratched and the gold hardware only has mild tarnishing despite how many times I’ve worn it. I can’t imagine a better value for money, especially as Rebecca Minkoff doesn’t make this exact style and size anymore (much less for under $200!) and I’m so lucky to have had the bag for 10 years!