Ebner and Lovett Conflict + Update

*UPDATE: Today (Monday) we learned that neither Trestan Ebner nor John Lovett will be opting out of the rest of the season, according to David…

5 Things

1. Walking pals 2. Always applicable 3. Scout takes over my bed 4. This piece took me out 5. My newest favorite acai discovery!

Lovecraft Country and Schitt’s Creek

I tend to rewatch Sex and the City and Friday Night Lights repeatedly instead of trying new shows (except for Normal People, which is the…

People and Orgs to Give to Instead of Electoral Candidates

For those of us who are extremely uninterested in/actively despise electoral politics (here’s my reasoning for why I’m not voting!), November 3rd can’t come quickly…

Matt Berninger’s Serpentine Prison

One More Second Oh Dearie Serpentine Prison Distant Axis All For Nothing

Reactions to ‘Find Me’ by Laura Van Den Berg

I’m currently reading through my queue of old books Megan lent me months ago (my most recent read was The Friend) and I just finished…

The Movement Toward Socialism Wins Again in Bolivia

Since I discovered abolition, I learned from the likes of Angela Y. Davis and Mariame Kaba that the fight for liberation is interconnected and global…

College Football Rankings Mean Nothing in 2020

The college football rankings, both AP and coaches polls, are garbage every year, but they’re especially contemptible this season as neither Pac-12 nor Big 10…

5 Things

1. No one fell, it’s a Christmas miracle! 2. Is this the cutest tiny bowl ever? 3. The loving pictures I send to my sister…


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