One Day on Hawaiʻi Island

I took off one day in between my last day of work at the Office of the Public Defender (read all about my final bittersweet…

5 Things

1. Mandatory dessert always 2. Peek a boo 3. Big fan of dad’s pot roast 4. Do I need this bag 5. Another recent outfit…

Lifelong Paramore Favorites

Misery Business The Only Exception Hard Times Still Into You That’s What You Get

My Last Day at the Office of the Public Defender

After 2.5 years (how has it even been that long?), I just spent my last days at the Office of the Public Defender and…I’m sad…

Shapen on Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Watch List

Is there a better time to be Baylor Athletics supporters? Students, alumni, and fans are still being rewarded by witnessing an impressive off season coming…

Why I Love the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Unlike my penchant for rotating as many new clothing items throughout my wardrobe as possible, I’m not one to switch up products in my skincare…

What I Eat In A Day | 4th Installment

I’m a generally nosy bitch (in fact, I am the nosiest of bitches) and I love knowing any and all gossip, peeking at what my…

Button Poetry Spoken Word Pieces in August

Unreliable by Sarah Kay Priceless by Phil Kaye Birth of a Nation by Keyma Flight Gay God by Ebony Stewart Daughter Dysmorphia by Shasparay

5 Things

1. The cutest grandparents ever 2. For all abolition newbies!!! 3. In love with this outfit 4. A dinner view 5. My weirdo cat


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